Friday, 25 August 2017

Drum & Bass/Jungle Golden Age Playlist

Its been a week of nostalgia here at Lionheart Productions, listening back to music that inspired me to get into electronic production and the art of audio engineering. 


So presenting here a YouTube playlist, showcasing a collection of Drum & Bass from the early  days of its experimental inception from its roots of Hardcore Rave and Jungle. Spanning from 1993 to 1996 (with a couple of tunes from ´97 -´98 thrown in, ´cause they´re good).

 This by no means meant to be a complete collection, just a selection of music that really touched my soul during those days in London, which in context of this music, I found myself luckily living in the midst of this fast evolving scene, with the clubs and record shops in easy reach and blessed with a plethora of multiple pirate radio stations pouring Jungle, Drum  & Bass and Dub out of the stereo speakers 24/7. Keep it Locked!...

Drum & Bass/Jungle Golden Age

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